Performance Measurement and Independent Verification & Validation

ASEC3 has been implementing industry-proven methods to conduct independent verification & validation and measure system performance for nearly ten years. Our accomplished systems engineers identify high-risk areas, make educated decisions based on objective analyses, and routinely deliver products with minimal or no errors.

Our systems integrators and project managers have expert and/or subject matter expert levels of expertise in all of the following fundamental areas:

Strategic Planning

  • NIPs, IC priorities, and sponsor priorities
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Monitoring progress toward strategic initiatives
  • Briefing status to key stakeholders

Business Services

  • Assessment of functional requirements
  • Research best business practices within government and industry
  • Use benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs and operations
  • Evaluate available products, assess feasible solutions, and perform analysis of alternatives to achieve a new enterprise business model
  • Review and analyze implementation plans