Performance Improvement

ASEC3 strives to develop and implement cost-effective, demand-driven, and mission-focused services and capabilities to enable your business to become an integrated, intelligent enterprise. Our objective is to help your organization become more efficient by employing integrated shared services for resource acquisition, process mapping, collaboration, mobility, and data analytics.

Our systems integrators and project managers have expert and/or subject matter expert levels of expertise in all of the following fundamental areas:

Business & Process Development

  • Performing “as is”/”to be” process mapping
  • Performance root-cause analysis
  • Not only engage in but also spearhead process action teamsĀ 

Configuration Management

  • Guide integration and manage evolution across the Enterprise Technical Baseline
  • Analyze, develop, integrate, and maintain roadmaps
  • Support systems and data administration activities
  • Conduct collaborative and iterative development, operation, and life-cycle of the configuration plan/processĀ