Acquisition & Budget Support

ASEC3 is here to support your organization in determining how to maintain success while navigating through challenging budget restrictions and resource shortfalls. We are experts in providing Resource Management support at all levels of an organization, from the strategic top down to the tactical bottom, allowing you to meet your organizational or project goals. Let us show you firsthand why we are known for our world-class service when it comes to planning, budgeting, and execution.

Our budget analysts have expert and/or subject matter expert levels of expertise in all of the following areas:

Resource Management

  • All phases of PPBE: formulating, budgeting, & execution
  • IPBS, CBJB, activity-based budgeting
  • Contract management

Acquisition & Contract Management

  • FAR
  • SOW
  • Contract types
  • Formulating contract requirements
  • Managing acquisitions