Systems Engineer/ Data Scientist (2020-3000-2435)


The Systems Engineer/ Data Scientist shall have practical hands-on, as well as enterprise/policy level experience. This role will initially focus on rebuilding a structured data layer that has been migrated from another system, in particular creating a data architecture compatible with a parallel existing PostGreSQL structured data layer that can drive a suite of existing tools created in Rand Tableau. The initial work will also include establishing and implementing ETL protocols for a variety of structured economic datasets and moving the data within the AWS ecosystem and across classification borders in cooperation with other stakeholders across the community of interest. Once this initial work is completed, the assignments  will focus on data science support to analysts, including applying established or developing new programmatic and quantitative methods to  find patterns  and relationships in large data sets; conducting mathematical, statistical, geospatial modeling, or other data­ driven problem-solving analysis to address business operations questions; identifying and collaborating with collectors and analysts to determine the data needed to address problems; enhancing existing data exploration tools and visualizations and creating new ones in response to fast-changing requirements, and incorporating insights and findings into a broad range of products. These products can range from those that provide direct mission support to those that provide capabilities to peers and colleagues.

Candidates must already possess a current and active TS/SCI with Poly clearance to be considered for this position


  • The work includes the design, modification, and/or use of scientific computing, programming, and mathematics. 
  • Identifying and networking with appropriate internal and external sources together and/or exchange data on specialized
  • Engaging with customers to determine the nature of analytic problems,evaluate options,and offer recommendations for resolution.
  • Building and exploiting database and files
  • Advising customers on the methods and data needed and/or available to evaluation the problems.
  • Collaborating with collectors and analysts to identify and close gaps on complex problems; devising creative data collection and analysis
  • Conceiving, preparing, and communicate a wide range of strategic, highly complex graphics, computational models/tools, or written/oral assessments to internal and external
  • Conceive and prepare thorough, well-argued and authoritative tactical and strategic analytic products (e.g., technical articles, graphic depictions, intelligence reports) summarizing the methods and results of dataanalysis
  • Acquiring, processing, and refining large or complex data sets from various sources, utilizing computer programming where necessary
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and assessing quantitative data (using statistical software, computer models, geospatial models, software languages, and mathematical models) to contribute to or develop software tools, analytic models, or reports.
  • Conducting statistical, mathematical, geospatial modeling or data-mining analysis in partnership with other Data scientist(s) or Analyst colleagues.
  • Anticipate and project a wide range of possible outcomes using scenario/alternative analysis, machine learning,and agent based modeling or other advance analytic
  • Identify, use, and/or develop a wide range of methodologies and analytic tools to address existing or potential intelligence problems and collection strategies



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in engineering, IT, or computer science
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience


  • Knowledge and experience working with statistical tools such as,SAS,R,SPSS, Matlab, Mahour/MADlib, Stata, EViews, Excel
  • Knowledge and experience working with visualization tool R, Tableau, and macro-enabled Excel graphics
  • Experience work with programming languages,such as SQL,C/C++,Java,Python,Perl
  • Workingknowledgeofappropriateanalyticmethodandmethodologicaltoolsinoneormoreof the following areas:
  • Applied mathematics (e.g., probability and statistics, formal modeling, computational social sciences)
  • Computer programming (e.g., programming languages, math/statistics packages, computer science, machine learning, scientific computing)
  • Visualization (e.g., GIS/geospatial analysis, telemetry analysis)
  • Working knowledge of research design
  • Working knowledge of database construction and management, collection methods, capabilities, and tasking process
  • Familiarity with project management concepts and rinciples
  • Ability to leverage multiple data management tools to organize relevant information and make decisions


We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

We consider applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, genetic information, citizenship status, or membership in any other group protected by federal, state or local law. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Vets/Disabled.

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